Welcome to the
Quipli Ambassador Program!

A welcome from Kyle Clements,

Quipli founder & CEO

At Quipli, we believe in supporting rental owners who help their colleagues. As a brand ambassador, you get access to preferred pricing and the opportunity to enhance the equipment rental industry. We have created this hub with all the resources you need to make the most of this program.

Getting Started

Here's a quick rundown of what's expected from you as a Quipli Ambassador.

Step 1


Step 1: Review Quipli on G2, Capterra, Google and Facebook

Step 2


Record a 30 - 60 second long video testimonial about your experience using Quipli and how it has improved your business.

Step 3


Make on-going efforts in good faith to positively engage with Quipli content on social media.

Step 1

Leave your reviews

How to write a review on G2

Crafting reviews on G2 is a breeze. Empower others with your valuable insights using this straightforward guide. Start sharing your experiences today and make an impact!

Write your G2 review

How to write a review on Capterra

Become a review-writing pro on Capterra in no time. Share your valuable experiences and insights with ease using this straightforward guide. Start making a difference today!

Write your Capterra review

How to write a review on Google

Unlock the power of review-writing on Google effortlessly. Share your unique experiences and insights with others using this simple guide. Start making an impact today!

Write your Google review

How to write a review on Facebook

Elevate your review-writing skills on Facebook effortlessly. Share your personal experiences and insights with others using this user-friendly guide. Start making a positive impact today!

Write your Facebook review
Step 2

Record & submit your testimonial video *

* Please note that by submitting your Testimonial video you are agreeing that your video may be used in Quipli marketing materials.

Recording device

Use either a laptop webcam or the front facing camera on your smart phone.


30 to 60 seconds

What should I talk about?

Let us know how Quipli has improved your business. Whether it be saving time, money, or stress - let us know why you love Quipli!

Where should I send my video?

Once you have finished recording your video, you can email it as an attachment to marketing@quipli.com.

Cardinal testimonial video example

Step 3

Positive engagements on social media

  • Answer questions

    If you see people asking questions about Quipli in Facebook Groups, comment threads, etc. - chime in and share your opinion.
  • Recommend Quipli

    When people are comparing rental software options, let them know why you recommend Quipli.
  • Share your experience

    Whether it be a new feature that saves you time, or an awesome interaction with our Customer Support team, let your followers know!
  • Join rental industry Facebook groups

    If you're not already a member, please join the ARA Equipment Rental Facebook Group.

Your designated contact


If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Ambassador Program, please feel free to email at mgp@quipli.com or if you'd like to meet, you can book time with me.

Michael Gannon-Pitts

Growth marketing manager