How Does Quipli’s Rental App Work?

Quipli’s equipment rental web app is a comprehensive solution for rental businesses. With website features and integrations, payment processing options, customer relationship features, and much more, Quipli has everything you need to manage your business and scale it to the next level.

How does it do all this? Here’s a detailed guide to Quipli’s many features and capabilities.

Create Your Online Rental Storefront

Quipli offers two options for setting up a customer-facing digital storefront: building your own through the platform itself or integrating Quipli into your current website.

Build Your Perfect Rental Website

With Quipli’s template, you can build a responsive, user-friendly rental website. Quipli is easy for beginners to learn and use, allowing business owners like you to build high-performing websites that meet the expectations of your customers

Quipli’s website builder is a sophisticated design tool tailored specifically to rental businesses. It allows you to list all of your products in a modern Ecommerce format so that users can easily select products based on what categories they are searching for. Here are just a few of its many useful features:

  • Cloud-based website builder allows you to work from anywhere rather than having software and programs downloaded onto your computer
  • No knowledge of coding required
  • The ability to either transfer in your own domain or purchase a new one through Quipli
  • Full editing capabilities for pages and product info
  • Product data imports that allow you to quickly upload all of your product information from a spreadsheet rather than manually creating each one
  • A fully-integrated checkout process that integrates with your POS system
    • Includes QR code functionality
    • Includes payment processing

Quipli’s website builder also allows you to establish a customer portal so repeat buyers can easily create their own accounts, and leverage cycle billing.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is important for ensuring that customers find your business. SEO determines where you rank on search engines and how often your site appears to consumers. The higher up you rank, the more customers in your area will see you. Given the prominence of Google search, getting this right or wrong can make or break your ability to win new business in your geography. Quipli has designed its platform for SEO out of the box (at a basic level). You can be rest assured that all of the basic elements of your SEO will be there without having to think about it. 

Last but certainly not least, Quipli’s website builder is responsive and 100% mobile-friendly. Most customers do their shopping on their phones, making this a critical feature.

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Integrate Your Inventory Seamlessly with Quipli

If you already have a website for your business, Quipli can work for you too. You can seamlessly integrate Quipli into your existing site to take advantage of the streamlined checkout process, payment processing, and customer portal features.

Manage and Track Your Inventory

The Quipli equipment rental app lets you easily manage and track your rental inventory. Quipli comes with a robust inventory management system with many essential features, including:

  • Effortless renting
  • Inventory calendar
  • Location management
  • Product and category management
  • Product data importing
  • Reporting data

Quipli’s app is adaptable for either multi-location or single-location rental businesses. If you have many different types of products, Quipli allows you to create both rental categories and individual product items.

Another useful feature of Quipli’s app is the inventory calendar, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of the products you have available, out for rent, or due for return. This feature is essential for preventing double booking, which can result in awkward phone calls and costly corrections.

The inventory management software integrates fully with Quipli’s POS features so your customers can easily rent and pay for their desired equipment. The app even aggregates your data so you can disseminate info on your customers, product demand, and bestsellers.

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Manage Booking and Scheduling With Ease

Quipli’s equipment management app automatically pulls product availability information when booking and scheduling equipment rentals to prevent overbooking or double booking. The scheduling and booking features also integrate with Quipli’s POS system.

This feature also comes with an inventory calendar that helps you easily track what’s currently out and when certain equipment is due to be returned so you can plan future bookings. Gone are the days of analyzing a slew of spreadsheets before making a sale!

Make Double Booking a Thing of the Past

Double booking, or renting the same piece of equipment to two different customers within the same time frame, is a major issue that many rental companies run into when using manual systems for scheduling. With an integrated booking, scheduling and inventory management system, you won’t miss critical information like product availability when making a sale.

Additionally, when customers make rental reservations directly through your website, they won’t be able to book equipment that’s already rented. In other words, Quipli’s advanced inventory management capabilities make double booking impossible.

Learn About Quipli’s Booking & Scheduling Features

Unify Your Checkout Process with Quipli’s POS System

Quipli’s POS rental system enables omni-channel selling, which involves marketing your products online and engaging with customers directly. You can integrate your offline and online booking sales into a single, streamlined system to store all your financials and records in one place.

Quipli also integrates with Stripe, one of the leaders in digital payment processing. Many business owners and consumers use Stripe because of its secure, dependable functionality.

Quipli’s checkout process was designed to enhance the user experience, making it easy, intuitive, and hassle-free for customers to rent from you.

The customer profile functionality built into Quipli also makes it easy for repeat customers to store their information, such as payment info, addresses, and preferences. The customer profile has a dual function since it also serves as a data collection source.

What’s more, you can send digital invoices and receipts for paperless sales processes, allowing you to manage the accounts receivable aspect of your business while also reducing your organization’s ecological footprint.

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Keep Track of Financials with Quickbooks Integration

Quipli works with leading organizations to bring the best possible solutions to customers. For financial tracking, Quipli has developed an integration with Quickbooks, the global leader in accounting and bookkeeping software.

Quickbooks allows you to document and manage orders, invoicing, and taxes for stress-free financial tracking and reporting. With Quipli’s Quickbooks rental software integration, all of your systems will be integrated to allow full consistency between booking and your accounting.

Integrating Quickbooks

Integrating Quickbooks into Quipli is easy for the tech-savvy and tech-stunted alike. You can sync your customer and product information between the two platforms with a few clicks. Syncing Quickbooks and Quipli helps you and your team avoid potential mixups or mistakes.

Quickbooks is just one of the integration features Quipli offers. The platform can also integrate with the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Stripe
  • Avalara

Quipli is the all-in-one solution you need to manage and scale your rental business.

Learn How Quipli’s Quickbooks Integration Works

Rent with (Cyber)Security

Data breaches grew by 68% from 2020 to 2021 and continue to grow each year.  Because Quipli is a cloud-based solution, as opposed to several competitors that rely on on-premise solutions, Quipli is a more flexible, more secure and more stable solution. Quipli has several servers in various state-of-the-art, highly secure facilities across the country which only helps to provide some of the best cybersecurity on the market.

Customer Service

At Quipli, we consider our customer service a core part of our app. We provide you with an onboarding team to get your business started off right. Quipli offers phone, email, chat and text support – if you need to contact us, we’re available. We also pride ourselves on our 5-minute response time that is available any time during our business hours.

The Best Equipment Rental App

With so many features, capabilities, and integrations, Quipli is without a doubt the best equipment rental app for rental businesses.

You can use Quipli on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device via the Quipli mobile app, making it possible to manage your business from your phone.

To make sure Quipli is right for you, schedule a demo with one of our expert representatives. They’ll give you an informative overview of the app and its features and answer any questions you may have about adapting Quipli to your needs.

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