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Make Your Rental Business Seamless

Operating a rental business requires keeping track of many moving parts. From understanding your inventory, keeping up with reservations of your assets, preventing double booking, and keeping up with customer demands all while working to grow your business – there’s a lot to manage.

Quipli provides a one-stop shop software solution for managing your entire rental business. Whether it is equipment, construction, party, or boat rentals – Quipli will make it easy to manage with a single platform.

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How Quipli’s Rental Equipment Software Works

Quipli brings together every piece of your rental business into one platform. Through Quipli, a customer can book a rental on your website that is available, pick up and pay through Quipli’s POS while you are able to track what equipment is on the field, what is still in stock, and when your equipment will be returned.

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Ecommerce Website Integration

Quipli allows you to showcase your rental assets in an ecommerce storefront on your website, and edit your products and content to improve your landing pages. For multi-location stores, Quipli features import/exporting for larger rental assortments and data input.

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Equipment Reservation Management

Quipli’s reservation management connects orders to your inventory, allowing customers to book and reserve available rentals for their schedule while providing you the oversight of what equipment is available, being rented, and when it will be returned at any given time so that you’ll never doublebook an asset.

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Renter Login

Quipli’s renter portal allows customers to login and review their orders/invoices, manage their orders and bill-pay, and call-off and extend rentals. With a rental portal, you will save time and effort when your customers no longer need to call you for extending their rentals.

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Quipli’s Point of Sale connects your website orders with your customer’s in store pick ups, allowing for a seamless, quick transaction.

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Dynamic Pricing

Quipli’s dynamic pricing allows you better price your rentals in accordance to seasonality. Does your business have greater demand during specific seasons? With Quipli, you can create real-time pricing changes based on supply and demand levels and customer price sensitivity – and improve your business’s profitability.

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Inventory Management

An integrated inventory management with your reservation system is essential for creating a problem-free customer reservation experience. Quipli allows you to understand your inventory calendar, products currently being rented, and return dates – for all of your store locations.

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Reporting & Utilization Data

Quipli’s built-in reporting will help grow your business’s profitability. Review revenue and expenses for each rental, so you can understand what you should purchase more of to meet your customer demands and increase profits.

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What we do

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Equipment Checkout Experience

By combining a payment system with your inventory and reservations, Quipli makes renting equipment simple for you and your customers. With Quipli, your rental business will never run smoother.

Effortless Renting

Your customers are busy folks. By serving your customers online, they can increase the speed

Integrated Payments
We live in a society fueled by convenience. Offering real-time pricing that takes zero effort

Full Management for Renters
Take full control of your inventory in an entirely new, modern way



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