The Top Cities for Equipment Rental Search

If someone wants something, they are probably going to use Google to find it. With an estimated 40K Google Searches per every second, looking into the data behind Google Search can provide insight into almost any niche.

Quipli, an equipment rental software solution, conducted a study to evaluate which U.S. cities have the highest demand for equipment rentals by analyzing how many searches occur within each city for the most popular types of equipment rentals.

By analyzing this data, Quipli has been able to pinpoint the U.S. cities that have the most people searching for equipment rentals.

“Understanding the importance of how local search behavior ties into equipment rentals is essential for rental companies aiming to succeed in their market, especially as the rental industry continues to move online. We hope this study shines light on how important it is for equipment rental companies to focus on their online visibility, as well as reveal overlooked markets for small business owners looking to branch out.”

Kyle Clements, founder and CEO of Quipli

How Cities with Populations over 1 Million Compared

top Cities for Equipment Rental Search | Quipli

Rank Searches per City City Population
1 3710 Houston, TX 2320268
2 2080 San Antonio, TX 1547253
3 1480 Dallas, TX 1343573
4 1390 San Diego, CA 1423851
5 1370 Phoenix, AZ 1680992

How Cities with Populations Between 500K & 999K Compared

Rank Searches per City City Population
1 2810 Miami, FL 467963
2 1020 Cincinnati, OH 303940
3 930 Colorado Springs, CO 478221
4 870 Wichita, KS 389938
5 737 Omaha, NE 478192

How Cities with Populations Between 100K & 499K Compared

Rank Searches per City City Population
1 2130 Austin, TX 978908
2 1690 Las Vegas, NV 651319
3 1250 Denver, CO 727211
4 1180 Portland, OR 654741
5 1010 Sacramento, CA 513624

How Cities with Populations Between 50K & 99K Compared

Rank Searches per City City Population
1 527 Yuma, AZ 98285
2 440 Lawrence, KS 98193
3 390 Auburn, AL 66259
4 370 Fort Myers, FL 87103
5 354 Duluth, MN 85618

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About The Data in this Study: 

The data in this study is based on Google’s estimations of keyword search volume. Based on the sample size of this study and Google’s tendency to underestimate search volume, true search volume for each city is likely higher. Google does not provide exact amounts, but does provide monthly estimations.

The Process:

We created a list of 35 thousand keywords and ran them through a tool called Keywords Everywhere. This tool collects keyword usage estimation data from Google at a monthly level.

With this keyword data, we grouped keywords by city to understand the total rental product demand.

How do people search for equipment rentals? 

There are a series of variations that are common amongst Googlers looking for rental equipment products that are geographically based.

There common iterations were:

1. [keyword] rental [city] [state] 

For example: equipment rental denver co,  forklift rental denver co

2. [city] [keyword] rental

For example: Denver equipment rental, denver forklift equipment rental

3. rent [keyword] city

For example: ie: rent equipment denver, rent forklift denver 

We took the 22 of the most common equipment rental products that are searched and applied these common iterations to see which had estimated search volume in each city. 

The types of equipment rentals we evaluated were:

Auger Rentals, Backhoe Rentals, Boom Lift Rentals, Chainsaw Rentals, Crane Rentals, Equipment Rentals, Excavator Rentals, Floor Sander Rentals, Forklift Rentals, Heavy Equipment Rentals, Ladder Rentals, Lawn Mower Rentals, Lift Rentals, Log Splitter Rentals, Mini Excavator Rentals, Paint Sprayer Rentals, Scaffolding Rentals, Scissor Lift Rentals, Sod Cutter Rentals, Tool Rentals, Tractor Rentals, Trailer Rentals, and Trencher Rentals.

We applied these 66 keyword variations to all cities with populations over 50,000 which resulted in 535 cities.


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