10 Construction Equipment Rental Business Ideas

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Searching for tips to increase revenue for your heavy equipment rental business? Want to grow your business but aren’t sure where to begin? Need to reinvigorate your marketing efforts using proven tactics?

If any of these questions describe your situation, our list of construction equipment rental business ideas can give you some direction.

Here are ten surefire ways to help your rental business flourish.

1. Make Sure Your Product and Category Pages Have Good On-Page SEO

One of the first and most crucial steps to growing your business is ensuring your category and product pages are easy to find. You can accomplish this by reviewing the on-page search engine optimization (SEO) of both page types. 

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing elements like keyword usage, content length, and location targeting (name-dropping the areas you serve). By leveraging on-page SEO, you can make your category and product pages more visible on the first few pages of top search engines like Google.

2. Keep Your Brand Top of Mind with Regular Email Campaigns

Most customers that rent heavy equipment do so on a recurring basis. With that in mind, how do you guarantee that past and prospective clients think of your brand first when they need to rent construction machinery?

While there are many ways to keep your business top of mind, launching regular email campaigns is one of the most effective approaches. You should be keeping up monthly email campaigns to remind clients about your services and notify them of potential deals, inventory changes, and other useful info.

For your campaigns to be effective, you’ll first need to build a mailing list. You can gather email leads by publishing a monthly newsletter and encouraging users to sign up when they visit your site.

Once you’ve compiled a list, create separate audience segments and target each group based on their rental needs and equipment preferences.

3. Analyze Poorly Performing Products and Look for Possible Solutions

Do you have a particular product that rarely gets rented? If so, you should begin exploring why. Is the equipment priced too high? Explore how to determine your equipment rental costs or is there simply not enough demand for a certain type of machinery in your area?

Once you’ve determined why a product is underperforming, you can explore possible solutions. If the rental cost for a piece of machinery is excessive, consider running a special for a few months to see if it remedies the issue. Conversely, if demand is too low, consider reducing your inventory of that particular type of machinery.

4. Automate Your Booking and Inventory Management

You can easily automate inventory management and booking processes by investing in a technology solution like Quipli. Doing so will make it easier for your clients to find, reserve, and pay for the equipment they need, leading to increased sales and higher total revenue for your business.

You can integrate Quipli into your existing website, which makes it easy to start using. Alternatively, you can build a whole new website powered by Quipli’s inventory management technology.

Regardless of which route you take, Quipli’s powerful platform is guaranteed to remove friction from the rental process and help you sell more.

5. Invest in a Dedicated Rental Business Management Software Solution

While Quipli’s core functionality is to automate booking and inventory management, it’s a dedicated rental business management software solution, meaning it merges with your point-of-sale technology, makes renting easy, and provides detailed insights into renting trends and available inventory.

Quipli includes POS tools, rental business software, inventory management capabilities, and e-commerce storefront features among its many outstanding features. Put simply, it’s the ideal software for managing your rental business.

6. Get Creative with Your Social Media and Content Marketing

Construction equipment can be tough to market. Consequently, you may struggle to come up with ideas to highlight your machinery rental options. But with a little creativity, you can stand out from your competitors and attract new clients. 

Check out these seven equipment rental marketing ideas to get more inspiration and valuable food for thought.

7. Invest in PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to generate leads and rapidly boost sales. Strategically investing in PPC campaigns will enable you to supplement your SEO efforts and grow your business.

While there are several ways to launch and manage PPC campaigns, Google Ads is the most popular method. With Google Ads, you can create several different types of campaigns and precisely target potential clients in your area. You can set customized per-bid clicks and have total control over your marketing budget.

8. Offer Training on How to Operate Machinery to Users

Sometimes, potential clients will fall by the wayside because they’re not confident in their ability to operate machinery. You can recapture these potential leads by offering on-site machinery training.

Providing operational and safety training courses will create an additional revenue stream for your business, and it’s also a great way to provide your clients with exceptional customer service.

9. Don’t Write Off Traditional Marketing Channels Like Broadcast Advertising

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the best way to get the word out about your business, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other time-honored marketing channels.

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to extend your reach, consider investing in billboards or radio advertisements. These media will help you connect with old-fashioned and less tech-savvy customers looking to rent heavy machinery.

10. Rent Seasonal Equipment in the Off-Season

Rounding out our list of construction equipment rental business ideas is a practical tip for expanding your inventory.

If you’re interested in adding new machinery to your lineup of rental options, consider purchasing seasonal equipment in the off-season. For instance, you might buy a snow plow in mid-July rather than waiting until the dead of winter. By thinking ahead, you stand to save thousands and free up revenue to pursue other growth opportunities.

Creating a Thriving Rental Business

There are tons of great construction equipment rental business ideas you can use to expand your reach and generate more revenue. To maximize the effectiveness of your efforts, however, you need a great equipment rental business plan and the right technology in place. You need a solution like Quipli.

Quipli’s equipment rental software lets you streamline the rental process by providing equipment rental website templates, collecting payments online, and offering a frictionless experience to your clients.

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