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Rental Business Point of Sale Software

Unify online and in-person sales with one integrated system.

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One POS, Endless Possibilities

Get to know Quipli’s POS system that gets your business. Make the sale every time — from online to the checkout line.

What we do
How Quipli’s Point of Sale Solution Works
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Omnichannel Selling

Provide seamless shopping experiences for every customer both in store and online.

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Contactless payments supported.

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Build a complete Point of Sale with Stripe Terminal’s supported hardware.

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Streamline checkout to make running your rental business easier than ever.

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Customer Profiles

Save contact information, add notes, and learn more about their shopping habits for personalized service every time.

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Digital Invoices And Receipts

Go paperless — send invoices and receipts directly to your customer’s emails.

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What we do

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Software Rental Business

Effortless Renting

Your customers are busy folks. By serving your customers online, they can increase the speed

Integrated Payments
We live in a society fueled by convenience. Offering real-time pricing that takes zero effort

Full Management for Renters
Take full control of your inventory in an entirely new, modern way

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Manage your equipment rental business with us.

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What is a POS?

A POS (point of sale) is used to process transactions for your customers. A POS could be cash register, but the modern take has moved to a digital device that connects every transaction digitally allowing for automated tracking and accounting.

How will an integrated POS system improve my rental business?

Having a POS that integrates with your rental inventory management and scheduling system helps decrease friction for your customers, and your business. Your customers order information continues from their online order to in store pickup, saving you from having to manually track what their order was. Also, with Quipli, your inventory is automatically tracked, so you can be sure your equipment is available when your customer is ready to pick up.

Is Quipli’s Rental Point of Sale System easy to use?

One of the best features of the Quipli’s Stripe POS Integration is its simplicity. Stripe’s POS’s is intuitive and simple to navigate.

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